For the Breast

Every woman wishes she had perfect breasts. With cosmetic breast surgery at AAesthetic, now every woman can have them. Dr. Alberto Poli can make your breasts larger, smaller, or more lifted for a shapely and feminine contour. Both nude and under clothes, breasts treated with aesthetic surgery at our practice are invariably natural-looking and attractive. Whether you choose a breast enlargement or a reduction, your breasts will look full and proportional when the surgery is completed. View breast surgeries performed by Dr. Poli in our photo gallery.

AAesthetic provides the following types of breast surgery:

Breast Augmentation

Some women go their whole lives wanting a fuller bustline. This is because full breasts give a classically feminine, curvaceous look to the shape of your body. Many women have turned to Dr. Poli for the natural-looking and -feeling breasts nature did not give them. Before your breast augmentation surgery, you and Dr. Poli will decide where the incision will be made. You will also decide on the size of the implant to be used under the guidance of the doctor. The implants will be placed through the incision site, which will then be stitched closed. Dr. Poli has performed many breast augmentations in his years practicing cosmetic surgery. Schedule a free consultation with our practice to learn more about the type and size of implant that would provide you with the most natural-looking aesthetic breast enhancement.

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Breast Lift

With a breast lift, sagging or drooping breasts can be restored to youthful perkiness. Dr. Poli will remove excess skin from the bottom of the breast. This tightens and raises the breast to a higher point on the chest. Your natural breasts will appear lifted and rejuvenated. After significant weight loss or pregnancy, breast lift surgery is especially common to reestablish a natural-looking feminine contour. A breast lift may be accompanied with a breast augmentation if you would prefer a larger cup size in addition to a more lifted breast region.

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Breast Reduction

Excessively large breasts can cause inconvenience and pain. Patients may not be able to participate in physical activities due to the size of their breasts. Large breasts also make it difficult to find clothes that fit properly, resulting in frustration and limited wardrobe options. Dr. Poli can surgically reduce the breasts while retaining their full appearance. A breast reduction will also make breasts appear more youthful and lifted. Dr. Poli will make an incision through which excess tissue and skin will be removed. The skin will then be pulled together to retain the appearance of smooth, natural breasts. The areola may also be reduced in proportion with the breasts. Then the incision will be closed. Patients immediately feel lighter and have more ease of movement. Clothes fit better and back pain is reduced or eliminated.

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Other Breast Surgery

AAesthetic offers many other surgeries for cosmetic enhancement of the breasts. Dr. Poli provides both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Patients who suffer from breast diseases and deformities can be treated at our practice with mastectomies, post-mastectomy reconstruction, nipple and areola reconstruction, removal of supernumerary breasts and nipples, and breast pathology. We also provide cosmetic procedures such as body contouring surgery and male breast reduction or gynecomasty. Schedule an appointment with our practice to learn how Dr. Poli can correct, restore, or improve the appearance of your breasts.

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