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Welcome to AAesthetic

Transform yourself at AAesthetic with internationally respected cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alberto Poli. Our practice combines a Brazilian aesthetic with European class for beautiful, professional results. We offer a wide range of services to our patients. From surgeries of the breast including augmentation to face treatments and other body procedures, Dr. Poli’s artistry and technical expertise make him one of Italy’s leading cosmetic surgeons. All of our services are provided in a confidential, clean, and safe environment.

A good cosmetic surgeon recognizes that providing quality cosmetic surgery services requires medical expertise, an artistic eye, and a compassionate approach. We recognize that it is vital to listen to our patients so that we may deliver an aesthetic effect which matches their specifications. At AAesthetic we meet our patients’ expectations by providing results exactly as patients want them and exceed their expectations for care and professionalism. Contact our practice today for premier cosmetic surgery.

Meet Dr. Poli

Dr. Poli’s friendly and caring approach to cosmetic surgery is backed by years of experience and ample technical skill. Having served two residencies in Milan and at the Ivo Pitanguy Institute in Brazil, Dr. Poli brings to his practice a Brazilian approach to beauty. He is a member of the Professor Pitanguy Alumni Association, the Italian Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, and the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. AAesthetic combines Brazilian artistry with European sophistication for the most beautiful, professional results.

Our doctor is experienced in performing many types of aesthetic surgery, including face, body, and breast procedures. AAesthetic also offers non-surgical services to enhance your appearance, including fillers such as BOTOX® therapy, dermabrasion, and laser peeling. In a complimentary consultation, Dr. Poli can determine which cosmetic procedure(s) would most dramatically improve your appearance.